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Although “training the brain like a muscle” is used too much in mobile apps, there is one that has aroused some interest in recent weeks: Cutie Cuis (formerly Cuibrain).

This is an app where the user can train multiple intelligences and cognitive skills of the hand of guinea pigs, making games and exercises that help improve skills and train aspects such as memory, concentration, attention or coordination.we are told that it has been developed in collaboration with scientists experts in education, psychology and neuroscience, leaving the protagonism for the adorable cuis.

It will be necessary to solve the missions and return the tranquility to the guinea pigs, something that has already been tested in educational centers to correct and improve aspects of gamification, thus improving their experience. there are several games to train multiple intelligences with only 15 minutes a day.

We can follow the evolution of our cognitive profile in the “Brain” section and discover the benefits of the games and tips for further improving intelligences. It is possible to compare the results based on attributes such as gender, nationality, age, profession or level of we progress, we can improve scores, increase the level of experience and collect objects to customize the avatar in the “Market Cui”.

The design is quite careful, and its business model is based both on ads and purchases that can be made within the app, available for both android and iOS.

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