World Environment Day 🌎

46 years fighting for the environment!

In 1972 Stockholm Conference, Maurice Strong founded the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) that coordinates environmental activities, helping countries in ecological development.
It is responsible for environmental problems among United Nations agencies and fights against all kinds of environmental problems, such as climate change, desertification, care for the atmosphere, etc.

Among its activities are promoting environmental science, warning of emissions, capacity to respond to environmental disasters, and empowering nations to improve environmental stewardship.

At Cuibrain we believe that working with our naturalistic intelligence is essential to make us aware of what surrounds us.
At the moment our cuis can’t fight the oil industry or CO2 emissions, but they can help you develop that intelligence with one of our games, Instazoo. Are you up for it?

Happy World Environment Day.
Change your mind. Protect your world.

Reference by Wikipedia

Cuicui StudiosWorld Environment Day 🌎

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