Vini’s Farm 👨‍🌾 🥕New game available! Update 2.3.

The cuis are in a bit of a thief mood because we bring you a new game and it arrives in Version 2.3.

🐰 Vini doesn’t want to share his carrots, but the cuis plan to get them back with their friend Mad Mole’s help.. 😎 These carrots are hidden symmetrically, tap on the opposite square to find them. Steal as many as you can!

👨‍🔬 Our team has designed this game to work your 👁 Visual-Spatial and 🎲 Logical-Mathematical intelligences. You will have to visually track the space to discover the carrots position and solve the task at hand in a quick and effective way. In short; The quicker and accurate you are, the more carrots you’ll get.

🛍 Other features of this update is that we bring you new accessories to the Market Cui, the place where you can customise your cui to be the coolest. Discover them and get them all!

⬇️ Download or update Cutie Cuis to enjoy this new version and begin stealing carrots. It is the cuis revenge!💪

Cuicui StudiosVini’s Farm 👨‍🌾 🥕New game available! Update 2.3.

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