The Tournaments arrive 🏆 Update 4.0.


The real competition starts now!

The cuis are happy to announce a very special update.

Tournaments arrive to Cutie Cuis, a new game mode to fight against other cuis and earn rewards.🎁💰

How to participate?

Follow these 3 steps and you will compete against other players.

1. Go to “Events” 🔥

Open Cutie Cuis. If you don’t have installed the app, you can download it for free on your store.

Then, go to the EVENTS and check out the available tournaments.


2. Join the tournament 🏁

Once inside, you will see the active tournaments on the floating cards.
All tournaments have a prize, check your zanuis and click on the JOIN button.

Be cui-reful! You need level 4 of experience to join tournaments. Play games and get achievements to reach it! 🔝


3. Get your reward! 🎁

It’s time for fun! Play and get your best score before the time ends or the attempts runs out.
Overcome all the players you can and get the biggest reward.

Cuicui StudiosThe Tournaments arrive 🏆 Update 4.0.

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