Cutie Cuis™ – The Game


In a far far away land, this lovely creatures called Cutie Cuis only think about playing and eating zanuis. But the evil DR. Bignose wants to capture and experiment on them. Face his minions and overcome the different missions. Only you can save them!

The cuis need your brain to survive. How many you can save?

The Game

Cutie Cuis is a video game with dozens of missions that will challenge the minds of your players. You’ll have to help the cuis, adorable and funny guinea pigs, although very clumsy. They need your help to survive!

Pass fun missions, earn zanuis to dress your cui in the most fashionable costumes, get all the achievements and reach the highest level of experience to unlock unique contents. You’ll also be able to compete with players from all over the world in Cutie Cuis tournaments. Fight for the top positions in the ranking and don’t run out of rewards.

Cutie Cuis – The Game is a video game designed on a scientific basis by a team of pedagogues; tested and endorsed by universities.

Scientific validation

Cuicui Studios has created an algorithm that allows to measure and analyze the intelligences of each user. Our software and games are validated in collaboration with experts in education, psychology and neuroscience of the University of Oviedo.

Sobre el desarrollador

Cuicui Studios is a company dedicated to the creation of apps and video games for mobile devices.
For more information, visit their website.

Otros productos de Cutie Cuis

Cutie Cuis’s different products include: its application for mobile devices with more than 50,000 active downloads worldwide, its series of Rescui Me! interactive plush created and marketed by Eolo and its brand licensing system.
Cutie Cuis is a brand created by Cuicui Studios S.L.

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