Cuimical, a new math game 🔥🔬

A new game arrives in Cutie Cuis: Cuimical 🔬

Help our friend Brian “The Brain” to create the formula for the cuis cold. Only your logical-mathematical and visual-spatial ability will save the cuis from the deadly flu.

To find the formula, match pairs of elements that add the number 10. But watch out 👁 you will only can match elements that have the same shape and colour.

Keep your attention! In high levels, you will have to match elements that add up 25.

Benefits for your brain 🧠

In Cuimical you not only help the cuis recover their health, you also contribute to the development of your multiple intelligences and cognitive skills, which makes your brain remain strong and healthy. These are the brain benefits of our new mind game:


Logical Intelligence Icon

Logical-mathematical intelligence

Calculate quickly to form pairs of elements that add up to 10 or 25, as appropriate.

Visual intelligence icon

Visual-spatial intelligence

Make a visual track of the scene to find the right match, simultaneously comparing the shapes and/or colors of the elements.


Razonamiento Numérico

Numerical Reasoning

Ability to make an implication of a conclusion from a combination of premises.



Ability to compare shapes simultaneously and determine similarities and differences.

Capacidad Destreza Visual

Visual Tracking

Ability to traverse the entire visual field and find information quickly and efficiently.

Update Cutie Cuis ⬆

Cuimical isn’t the only good news we bring you today. Update Cuibrain now and discover all the new features of version 5.0.

Brian the Brain

🎮 New game: Cuimical

Cuimical is the main new in 5.0 version. Go to your app store and update Cutie Cuis to enjoy the new game.

Tournament Ico

🏆 New tournament

Enjoy the Cuimical premiere playing the special tournament. Join it, fight for the top of the ranking and get awesome rewards.

Scenarios for your Cui

🏝 Backgrounds for your cui

In this new version we release the scenarios. Enter the closet and discover the cool backgrounds we have for your cui.

🔓 Accumulate experience and unlock the new games

Now experience levels unlock new games. Play quests, dress up or consume zanuis to gain experience and unlock all the games.

Update 5.0 icon

👋🏽 New welcome

The new cuis that join the litter will have a new welcome tutorial. It explains the history of the cuis and how your intelligences are the only salvation of our cute friends.

Cuicui StudiosCuimical, a new math game 🔥🔬

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