Cuinder, the emotional game! 😘 Update 2.4.

Cuibrain are back with very “exciting” news.

In this update we release a new game (Cuinder) and a new functionality.

Cuinder, our game number 14, is about to help the cuis to find new friends using your emotional intelligence. The objective of this new challenge is to find the perfect pair for our guinea pigs, for which you’ll have to be able to relate or discard the adjectives with the emotions expressed by our funny cuimojis.

Benefits for your brain 🧠

In Cuinder you not only help the cuis to make friends, you also contribute to the development of your multiple intelligences and cognitive skills, which makes your brain remain strong and healthy. These are the brain benefits of our new mind game:


Logical Intelligence Icon

Emotional intelligence

Inspection of the emotions through the cuimojis expressions.

Visual intelligence icon

Verbal intelligence

To carry out a visual analysis of the word in a global, quick and precise way to emit a correct answer.

Visual intelligence icon

Visual-spatial intelligence

To perceive and recognise the main characteristics of the facial expressions of the cuimojis.


Emotional Perception

Emotional Perception

Ability to recognise emotions or feelings through facial or corporal expressions.

Lexical Route

Lexical Route

Ability to carry out a global visual analysis and make a synthesis.

Sustained Attention

Sustained Attention

Ability to maintain attention or concentration during a prolonged period of time.

In addition, from now on you can answer our emotional survey every day, which will give you small rewards and allow you to follow the evolution of your mood. Are you tired or energetic? Sad or happy? Angry or relaxed? Update Cutie Cuis and you can keep track of all these issues.

Cuicui StudiosCuinder, the emotional game! 😘 Update 2.4.

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