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New statistics from your brain 👩‍🔬Update 3.0.

This post is very important for us. We’re celebrating and so are your brain!

After several months of headaches, prototypes, testing, code optimization and many post-its, we have finally completed all the functionalities in Cutie Cuis statistics.

Now you can compare your intelligence profile or cognitive skills with other cuilivers around the world. You can also watch your progress and see the average performance you’ve had in our games.

The more you train your brain with our games, the more precise the graphics will be. But there’s something else. You will also be able to see your emotional evolution and know how you have been feeling these days. You know the Cuis are always taking care of you.

Our team of educators and scientists recommend training 15 minutes a day to keep your brain in shape. Make it a habit and follow the evolution of your skills. The more you train with our games, the more faithful the graphics will be.

So you know, become a PRO user and enter your Brain area to see all these features.
The first 15 days are free!

Follow the cuis in the social media so you don’t lose any news about your cute friends.

We’ll be back very soon! And who knows what to expect in the next update…. maybe you can enjoy the new Events area.

Cuicui StudiosNew statistics from your brain 👩‍🔬Update 3.0.
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World Environment Day 🌎

46 years fighting for the environment!

In 1972 Stockholm Conference, Maurice Strong founded the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) that coordinates environmental activities, helping countries in ecological development.
It is responsible for environmental problems among United Nations agencies and fights against all kinds of environmental problems, such as climate change, desertification, care for the atmosphere, etc.

Among its activities are promoting environmental science, warning of emissions, capacity to respond to environmental disasters, and empowering nations to improve environmental stewardship.

At Cuibrain we believe that working with our naturalistic intelligence is essential to make us aware of what surrounds us.
At the moment our cuis can’t fight the oil industry or CO2 emissions, but they can help you develop that intelligence with one of our games, Instazoo. Are you up for it?

Happy World Environment Day.
Change your mind. Protect your world.

Reference by Wikipedia

Cuicui StudiosWorld Environment Day 🌎
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Cuinder, the emotional game! 😘 Update 2.4.

Cuibrain are back with very “exciting” news.

In this update we release a new game (Cuinder) and a new functionality.

Cuinder, our game number 14, is about to help the cuis to find new friends using your emotional intelligence. The objective of this new challenge is to find the perfect pair for our guinea pigs, for which you’ll have to be able to relate or discard the adjectives with the emotions expressed by our funny cuimojis.

Benefits for your brain 🧠

In Cuinder you not only help the cuis to make friends, you also contribute to the development of your multiple intelligences and cognitive skills, which makes your brain remain strong and healthy. These are the brain benefits of our new mind game:


Logical Intelligence Icon

Emotional intelligence

Inspection of the emotions through the cuimojis expressions.

Visual intelligence icon

Verbal intelligence

To carry out a visual analysis of the word in a global, quick and precise way to emit a correct answer.

Visual intelligence icon

Visual-spatial intelligence

To perceive and recognise the main characteristics of the facial expressions of the cuimojis.


Emotional Perception

Emotional Perception

Ability to recognise emotions or feelings through facial or corporal expressions.

Lexical Route

Lexical Route

Ability to carry out a global visual analysis and make a synthesis.

Sustained Attention

Sustained Attention

Ability to maintain attention or concentration during a prolonged period of time.

In addition, from now on you can answer our emotional survey every day, which will give you small rewards and allow you to follow the evolution of your mood. Are you tired or energetic? Sad or happy? Angry or relaxed? Update Cutie Cuis and you can keep track of all these issues.

Cuicui StudiosCuinder, the emotional game! 😘 Update 2.4.
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Vini’s Farm 👨‍🌾 🥕New game available! Update 2.3.

The cuis are in a bit of a thief mood because we bring you a new game and it arrives in Version 2.3.

🐰 Vini doesn’t want to share his carrots, but the cuis plan to get them back with their friend Mad Mole’s help.. 😎 These carrots are hidden symmetrically, tap on the opposite square to find them. Steal as many as you can!

👨‍🔬 Our team has designed this game to work your 👁 Visual-Spatial and 🎲 Logical-Mathematical intelligences. You will have to visually track the space to discover the carrots position and solve the task at hand in a quick and effective way. In short; The quicker and accurate you are, the more carrots you’ll get.

🛍 Other features of this update is that we bring you new accessories to the Market Cui, the place where you can customise your cui to be the coolest. Discover them and get them all!

⬇️ Download or update Cutie Cuis to enjoy this new version and begin stealing carrots. It is the cuis revenge!💪

Cuicui StudiosVini’s Farm 👨‍🌾 🥕New game available! Update 2.3.
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